About Emma

I just thought you should know
on the 31/5 Emma took her own life
She left no note but she was in very intense depression and pain after someone she loved to no limit left her and cut off all contact with her over night,
She was cremated on the 4th and a funeral of local family was held on the 7th
Just take a moment of silence for her,
Please don’t forget her,
She wouldn’t want her friends to forget her,
And only remember her as when she was happy.

I’m trying to let everyone in all her contacts know,
Its the most painful thing I have ever done,
To keep typing that my little sister is gone now,
If you could try let her friends and contacts know what has happened as i can only do so much and do not know all of her friends contact info.

To Emma’s memories
She was trapped in a world that hated her because she had too much love to share with it.

Good luck with your lives,
And never forget her.

Color #3

So i tryed something new with this one, sadly it dident come out nearly as good as i had hoped, Please forgive me Firez T^T

none the less i still put alot of time into this for Firenze~

Original Sketch by Rockin’ Roolo again~  

Color #3

Woo another one of Roolo’s Sketches~
This one is of Bak’s pony,

Go check out there Tumblrs people! =D  

Color #2!

This is a wonderful sketch by Rockin’ Roolo~ <3
That character in the picture is Dash host of ColgateAnswers~!

You should go check out there tumblrs here~ 

With luck i might be coloring some more of Roolo’de’Epic’s sketches soon =D 

A sketch gift from Aphex of my OC “Nopony”

I really enjoyed coloring this one as its the first gift of my OC i have gotten yet =D

Aphex’s pony and tumblr is Stalkerloo, go check’em out!